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Yes, I support access to quality education for all Washington DC students.

Call on Mayor Bowser to release vacant schools

We the undersigned supporters of quality public schools in the District of Columbia, do herein call upon Mayor Bowser to release vacant and underutilized school buildings to high-performing charter schools as the law requires.

  • We call for win-win-win solutions in which: DC families can get off charter school waiting lists; charter facilities funds can go to city-owned properties; DCPS schools can get rental revenue for programs in under-utilized buildings; abandoned buildings can be renovated and used as community assets; and DCPS and charter schools can collaborate in the interests of DC families. 
  • We strongly urge Mayor Bowser to lead this as a transformative process that lifts all boats, closes the achievement gap for families East of the River, and makes DC a model of cross-sector collaboration.  

This is a project of DCACPS

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