Call on Mayor Bowser to release vacant schools

As supporters of quality public schools, we strongly urge Mayor Bowser to release vacant and under-utilized school buildings to high-performing charter schools, as required by law. This transformative process would close the achievement gap and make DC a model of cross-sector collaboration.

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We’re calling for solutions that allow:

· DC families to get off charter school waiting lists;

· Renovation of abandoned buildings to become community assets;

· Charter facilities funds to go to city-owned properties;

· DCPS schools to earn revenue for programs in under-utilized buildings;

· A win-win-win for families, both school sectors, and DC communities.

Today, the waitlist for D.C.'s high-performing public charter schools includes the names of more than 12,000 students. Sign the petition to ask Mayor Bowser to release 1 million square feet of abandoned school buildings, helping charter schools end the list.

Watch the News Segments Covering the Waiting List

WJLA Coverage of the End the List event

WUSA9 Segment on the Waiting List

  • The record of DC charters in improving student performance is at an all-time high. The share of charter students meeting state college- and career-readiness benchmarks (PARCC) has increased every year!
  • Charter schools have higher proficiency rates on the state tests than open enrollment DC public schools do among African American students and among those who are considered at-risk — homeless, in foster care, eligible for food stamps or welfare, or overaged and undercredited. 
  • Charter schools have boosted high school graduation rates, which are higher in charters than the city average — both for students as a whole and, significantly, for economically disadvantaged students.

Public Charter School Student Success!

A definitive national study has found that:

  • Compared to district school peers, urban charter school students received approximately 40 additional days of learning in math and 28 additional days of learning in reading
  • Gains more pronounced for minority students from low income backgrounds
  • Black students living in poverty gained 59 additional days in math, and 44 days in reading

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