12,000 students are on waitlists for seats in high-performing public charter schools in Washington, DC. Yet the district won't release 1 million square feet of abandoned school buildings to these charter schools.

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  • The record of DC charters in improving student performance is at an all-time high. The share of charter students meeting state college- and career-readiness benchmarks (PARCC) has increased every year!
  • Charter schools have higher proficiency rates on the state tests than open enrollment DC public schools do among African American students and among those who are considered at-risk — homeless, in foster care, eligible for food stamps or welfare, or overaged and undercredited. 
  • Charter schools have boosted high school graduation rates, which are higher in charters than the city average — both for students as a whole and, significantly, for economically disadvantaged students.

Public Charter School Student Success!

  • Compared to district school peers, urban charter school students received approximately 40 additional days of learning in math and 28 additional days of learning in reading
  • Gains more pronounced for minority students from low income backgrounds
  • Black students living in poverty gained 59 additional days in math, and 44 days in reading

A definitive national study has found that:

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